Stop losing clients due to late detection of web server glitches
Key Features

Monitoring of local and remote network resources

Server Supervisor is designed to monitor the availability of various network resources, from regular local workstations to large and complex web servers consisting of several components with distributed architecture. The product operates on a system that has permanent network access to all resources that should be monitored. It checks the status of each resource in a manner that depends on the resource type and monitoring parameters. If a problem is detected, it can take immediate action specified by the user for this situation.

Server Supervisor can be configured with help of user-friendly web interface, which makes it easily accessible from any location on the network over secure SSL connection.

The product is easy to setup and manage. To monitor a resource in a particular way the user creates a monitor object. Several monitors can be created for the same resource to check its availability with different methods.

Monitors can be gathered into groups. For example, all monitors created to check various resources corresponding to the same network service can be gathered into one group. This way it is easier to manage them, create dependencies and analyze the statistics.

You can use scheduler to run or stop certain monitors or groups of monitors at any specified time. For example, you can turn off monitoring on weekends or during maintenance of some resources.

The product can be accessed and used by several people simultaneously. Users have different access rights depending on their role in the system management.
  • Administrators have full access to the system. They can change system configuration, add new monitors and changing their properties.
  • Viewers have only read access. This means that they can login to the system and have full access to the data, so they can view current state and work with statistics.
  • Recipients can only receive reports and automatic notifications.


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