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Key Features

Resource uptime and summary reports

The purpose of reports is to provide good visibility of the monitored resources on a regular basis. Such visibility is important to fight possible problems proactively. It is probably too late to analyze monthly report when the system is down due to a bottleneck inside one of its components, but if you do such analysis regularly and on time, you have a chance to avoid such problems at all. The following types of reports are available in Server Supervisor:
  • Simple monitor statistics. This report shows the values of a selected monitor during any specified period of time. You can choose the scale to get more or less details.
  • Resource uptime percentage. For a specified time period it shows the percentage of time the selected monitor was in each state.
  • Summary by week days and hours. With this type of report you can get average statistics for particular days of week or day hours. This is useful, for example, to determine the hour of day when a web system experiences the highest load. You can get average value for a particular day hour basing on statistics for last week or month.
  • Group reports. Resource uptime and summary reports can be created for groups of monitors.
You can specify parameters of reports that you want to receive periodically and Server Supervisor will send these reports to you by email at the specified date and time. For example, you can configure it to send daily reports for a group of monitors controlling your web site at 9:00 AM. This way you will receive the information about last 24 hours every morning.

You can add and schedule as many reports as you need. For each report you can choose any recipients.


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