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Key Features

Built-in statistics analysis component

Server Supervisor has a built-in database to store statistical information about all monitor probes and alerts that take place during the operation of the system. Such information can be represented by very large amount of data which may be hard to deal with in a raw form.

That is why the product includes a statistics analysis component which is targeted at providing a consolidated and descriptive view on the statistical information by representing it in the form most suitable for the following purposes:
  • Fast problem discovery and analysis of its source.
  • Quick check of the system state ensuring that it is in normal condition and all components are working properly.
  • Analysis of the performance and availability of resources during the specified period of time, including analysis of average parameters of the system measured in each hour of the day or each day of the week.
While exploring the statistics you can easily switch the view from large scale to short time periods, from groups of monitors to single monitors, from average values and consolidated data to exact values obtained at any specific probe of each monitor.

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