Stop losing clients due to late detection of web server glitches
Key Features

More than 20 monitor types to target specific resources

Each network resource such as web server can be monitored in a number of ways. You can simply check the availability of the resource in general, or you can check its functionality to a certain extent. So, different types of monitors can be used even for the same type of resource, but almost all monitors are resource-specific.

Network Connectivity monitoring: Ping, Connect, DNS. These types of monitors are used to check the general network connectivity and availability of any network resource.

Web server monitoring: HTTP, HTTP Content, HTTP Transaction, IIS Status, Apache Status, Process. These monitors are targeted on web servers and web applications. They can check availability of a web page, validate a response from a web application, and check status of IIS and Apache web servers.

SQL Server monitoring: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle. These ones check status of most common database servers.

FTP and mail server monitoring: FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP.

OS resources monitoring: CPU, Free memory, Page file, Free disk space, Network usage, File system. These monitors can gather statistics about the usage of system resources and produce alerts in case of an overload. The monitoring is performed via WMI and SNMP protocols.

Custom resources. You can create your own monitors to check any non-standard network service.

Complex resources can consist of several components. In such cases it is useful to monitor each component separately, so that in case of troubles you would receive a more descriptive notification about the source of the problem.


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