Stop losing clients due to late detection of web server glitches
Key Features

Server Supervisor monitors the performance and availability of various network resources, from local workstations to web and database servers with distributed architecture. It checks the status of all resource components in a manner that depends on the resource type and monitoring parameters specified by the administrator.

The program can be installed on any system running Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008. Server Supervisor is configured and administrated with help of a user-friendly web interface, which makes it easy to access from any location on the network over secure SSL connection. Different users can be granted different access rights according to their roles and tasks. It makes the product useful for network administrators, managers and people responsible for specific resources.

A flexible system is used to specify each situation when the product users should be notified in real time. This can be done not only on faults, but also when the value of a monitored parameter achieves user specified error or warning level or returns back to normal. This feature provides different levels of sensitivity for the system and can help administrators resolve problems proactively. Notifications are sent by email, SMS and instant messenger services (ICQ, Yahoo and MSN).

Server Supervisor can also react to specified events by stopping or starting monitoring activities and executing external applications. For example, a web server can be restarted automatically if its failure is detected. It is also possible to plan and schedule monitoring of each resource according to its real work schedule and disable unneeded activities for off hours and maintenance time.

What is the benefit of using on-site monitoring solution?
For security reasons LANs are usually protected by firewalls and any external monitoring services are not applicable in this case. At the same time an on-site monitoring solution can be more closely integrated with various intranet services and used to gather more performance parameters.

The 25-day trial version is available for download. It does not have any limitations in functionality. If you happen to have a problem or a question, please see our Help section. Server Supervisor is priced at $200 per license. See Order section for more information.

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